TomTom Go 6000 Review

TomTom GO 6000 EU 6-Inch Sat Nav with Full European Lifetime Maps, Lifetime Traffic Updates, Always Connected and Interactive Screen Includes Click & Mount Car Charger and USB Cable
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The TomTom GO 6000 has all the most up to date maps sourced from 400 million TomTom drivers. The maps appear in 3D and show major landmarks such as churches statues and the market cross, helping you get your bearings more easily without having to search for road names. It cover motorways, primary, secondary and residential roads and has maps for 99.9% of roads. It also covers 45 European countries. The TomTom GO 6000 features a high resolution 6“ screen which you tap pinch and zoom to find your bearings or just use voice command. It comes with a USB cable and car mount charger.

The TomTom features intuitive thinking allowing you to calculate regular routes more easily. It has a speed trap feature which warns you of upcoming speed cameras. It updates every 2 minutes and has the most up to date information on traffic congestion allowing you to avoid hold ups . It will give you an overview of traffic congestion in the surrounding area particularly useful in large cities such as London. The TomTom GO 6000 has Lifetime traffic updates which will last as long as your device does.

This TomTom can sync with your smart phone for minimum loss of concentration whilst on a call, hands free and your eyes are on the road. You can also use your smartphone to plan routes an points of interest (POI) for programming into your sat nav. Not only will the Tom Tom GO 6000 store points of interest for you such as historical sites or cinemas and theatres, it will alert you to services on your route such as petrol stations or refreshments. The layout of the TomTom is very easy to understand allowing you to see traffic and travel information with a quick look.

Not only this, this TomTom features advanced lane guidance and junction instructions. the detailed 3D maps allow you t see with arrows a birds eye view of which lane you should be in and how to negotiate the junction or roundabout. The Tom Tom Go 6000 has Lifetime maps. you can download andupdate your tom tom with up to 4 maps per year. The most difficult aspect d a sat nav is downloading the maps but this is a relatively easy operation with this TomTom one customer achieving it in just 7 minutes. One customer voiced the critism that road blocks were not included on the traffic updates. Another customer said that for up to date traffic information, theTom Tom beat theGarmin hands down. the slightly larger screen makes for enhanced user interface. for the most up to date maps, this Tom Tom GO is the business.

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