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The TomTom GO 5000 is very similar to the Tom Tom GO 6000 except it has the 5“ screen and you cannot add your own points of interest as these are programmed into the maps. The screen is fully interactive and uses tap , pinch and zoom for you to get your bearings, or you can use the voice prompts. This Tom Tom features high resolution 3D maps which show landmarks as you approach them with amazing clarity. Itw ill warn you of impending speed traps pinpointing the position of speed cameras as you approach them and it features lifetime traffic updates . The traffic information is compiled from the data of over 400 million TomTom driver and is pretty much as up to date as you can get , updating every two minutes. You will not be stuck in a jam or caught in congestion unless strictly necessary. This TomTom will show you an over view of your city pinpointing areas of congestion, vry useful in a large city such as London.

The TomTom GO 5000 features free lifetime maps, you can update your maps up to 4 times a year meaning you will never be out of date and downloading them is relatively straight forward. It has maps available for western Europe from Switzerland to Malta, 45 maps in all. You can plan your road trip down to the smallest detail with the route planner and points of interest feature. You can sync the Tom Tom with your smartphone for minimum loss of concentration on phone calls , hands free and your eyes are still on the road. You can also communicate with your TomTom via the smartphone planing routes and searching for landmarks and so on. The TomTom contains a sim card and works in a similar way to a phone.

The TomTom 5000 also feaures a walking route planner so that you can carry your TomTom with you on countryside walks and nature trails. The visual display of 3D maps is wonderful. Although it is not likely to guide you if you stray off the beaten track. The TomTom GO5000 covers motorways, primary, secondary and residential roads as well as well known countryside walks. It will tell you in plenty of time which lane you should be in and directs you across junctions and roundabouts with 3D tracking and arrows as well as voice prompts. For the most up to date information this sat nav can not be beaten.

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